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The importance of a Floor Plan

A floor plan is the most basic of planning instruments. A typical floor plan includes the layout to scale, as well as structural features like walls, windows and doors. Floor plans also include built-in cupboards, bathroom fixtures and furniture layout.

At Aspekt8, we take a simple floor plan and turn it into something dynamic and unique. A 3D floor plan makes it easier for the average person to get a feel for the proportions and scale of a plan. Architects and Interior Designers understand the importance and value of a good floor plan. (do we need this)

How it Benefits You

Our innovative 3D floor plans are photo-realistic, any further details and changes can easily be added according to your desires/plans.  Viewing all the elements of a floor plan in a 3D enhanced floor plan adds immense value to your Presentation.  A 3D floor plan can be understood by anyone with ease. 3D floor plans provide an accurate account of relationships between rooms, design features and even furniture layout. Once you can see your floor plan laid out, mistakes and improvements are easily highlighted.


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