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What is 3D Exterior Rendering?

A Designers impression is the most important starting point in the visualization of any project.

3D Exterior Renderings are realistic models of the outer structure, including the environment and surrounding structures. The Exterior Render provides the most accurate impression of what the final Product will look like. The ultimate goal is to create a clear visual of your finished Product within a realistic environment.

About Aspekt8’s 3D Exterior Renderings

Our finest quality 3D Exterior Renderings are photo- realistic. On average, a 3D Exterior Rendering Project takes between 5 and 10 working days from visualization to the finished Product. Exterior Renderings include the outside views of your building, the landscaping and the surrounding context. By utilizing your sketches and information, we will transform your plans into a reality.


Why it’s Useful

This is the perfect visualization tool for selling a Project!

First impressions are vitally important, therefore using a quality 3D Rendering guarantees a powerful and professional presentation of your idea. An expert 3D Exterior Rendering, has become an indispensable instrument for selling an idea. Whether you are building a hospital or selling a real estate project, a 3D Rendering will set the scene. Renderings are also used to create a visual for new Products and new Inventions. Exterior Rendering gives you the ability to see any necessary changes with ease.

How it’s Done

A 3D Exterior Rendering represents a comprehensive service to our clients that transforms a Project from a hand drawn sketch or CAD drawing into an exterior view that is exceptionally realistic. We will create a model that includes all details of the surroundings, using your plans with the exact colour hues, shadows, intensity and reflection of the light. The end result is a high-resolution Exterior Rendering of your design, ready to use for planning or presentation purposes.


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